September 15, 2017 MarketingGeorge Appiah

Prepare Your Tennessee Small Business Website For Google Algorithm Changes In 2018 And Beyond

Find out how to prepare your Tenessee small business website for upcoming Google search engine algorithm changes in 2018 and beyond.

Google Algorithm Changes 2018

If you’ve invested in a website for your Tennessee small business, then you, no doubt, recognize how important Google’s search engine is to your bottom line. A first-page placement on Google’s search engine results listings can result in a throve of people visiting your website and/or venue day after day.

A great many businesses have been built and shattered on the search giant’s shifts in algorithm changes in the past, and no one wants to fall behind.

At the recently-ended Pubtelligence event hosted by Google Certified Publishing Partner Ezoic at Google offices in San Francisco, Illya Grigorik, a member of Google’s webmaster (search) team, discussed how publishers should be preparing for Google algorithm, and search ranking changes, in 2018 and beyond.

In a post on Ezoic’s corporate blog Tyler Bishop, host of the event, discusses all the important things that Illya Grigorik covered in his presentation. Tyler also reads between the lines on a few things Illya discussed and shared with everyone present and boils it all down to a few clear directives that you can follow today to help you stay ahead of upcoming shifts and trends in Google search rankings.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and achieve front page Google search ranking for your Tennessee small business without spending a whole lot of cash on Google AdWords, study Tyler Bishop’s blog post and take action immediately.

George Appiah